We do Graphic Designs for Websites, Mobile Phone applications, and Print. We’ll SWATCH it right.
Website Development
Building a decent SEO Friendly & responsive website is very important to us, as it is to you. Quality & content is KING.
Website Maintanance
Maintaining a your website content is crucial to maintaining your Google SEO rankings. Let us help you to stay on page 1.
Google SEO
The Google SEO algorithms changes so often that you need to be updating your website all the time, in order to stay relevant, on page 1.
Social Media Marketing
We make brands stand out, and be noticed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & Pinterest.
Google AdWords
Google AdWords will provide you with instant traffic to your website, if / when they search for your products.
Mobile Phone Apps
We build mobile Phone applications for both Android & Apple IOS, in native code or hybrids.
Custom Coding
Custom Coding Development for any project, Server-side code for a app, or a simple HTML & CSS bulk emailer coded.

Website examples

Sunfever Boat Charters Website

SunFever Boat Charters

The Den Kruger Website

The Den Kruger Website

Fire 247 Website

Fire 247 Website

Bond Gallery Website

Bond Gallery Website

Chaos Computers Website

The Chaos Computers Website

Superior Interiors Website

Fire 247 Website

Delcon Construction Website

Delcon Construction Website

The FirePlace Company Website

The Fire Place Company

All Fence & Construction Website

All Fence & Construction

Social Media Marketing

Chaos Computers Facebook Page Posts

Chaos Computers Facebook Marketing

Chaos Computers sells Fully built PC’s, Laptops, Computer Parts, Screens, Graphics cards etc. It’s important to know that their sales team has an exceptional PC & Laptop knowledge, which makes their clients return to them often. Chaos has weekly & weekend specials, which needs to be communicated to their clients. So for them we do a commination of 4 different online marketing elements. Bulk Email, Facebook Posts, Facebook Ads & Google AdWords. All these marketing tools work together to drive sales.

More about the: When looking for a computer shop that has it all & does it all… Chaos Computers is your solution. They are here to assist you in the best way possible according to your needs. Just as you care about your computer, Chaos Computers cares about their customers. Laptop repairs, Computer upgrades, gaming accessories – they do it all. The Chaos team are the most knowledgeable in the industry, and they are more than willing to spend time with you answering all of the questions that you might have.

Kennings Rent to Own

Once you rent a vehicle, you are used to giving the car back after your rental period, right? With Kennings Fleet Services, you can rent a car long term, and then you own it! Yes…you read that right! They have new and pre-owned vehicles and Kennings will help you to get the car of your dreams!

For Kennings we target the Facebook Community Groups to push their marketing message. they get a lot of queries, and many of those have turned into sales.

Kennings Rent to Own Facebook Page Posts
Sunfever Boat Charters Facebook Page Posts

SunFever Boat Charters Facebook Marketing

Sunfever offers boat tours, charters & cruises from the beautiful Oceana Power Boat Club,V&A Waterfront. They invite everyone from tourists to locals, private parties and business team building events. Sunfever want everyone to enjoy their visit to Cape Town by seeing our beautiful city from another view at sea, and to enjoy themselves while doing so.

RSAM short term insurance Marketing

RSAM has agencies with several insurers, which enables us to fully underwrite all your short term insurance requirements at highly competitive rates. They care about you and would like to help protect what is important to you. From Business Insurance to Car Insurance, RSAM is the only option. Why? Because whatever type of short-term insurance you require, we have a solution to suit your needs. Let us quote you for insurance at affordable rates.

Visalogix Facebook Marketing

Whether you’re travelling for business or a well-deserved holiday, we make it so much easier by managing the whole process for you. Vislogix provides you with all the information about Visa and Passport requirements. Their staff is capable of handling your queries promptly and efficiently. You are not just a number, you are important. Contact Visalogix to simplify your travel arrangements and experience their prompt corporate service.

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